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SGX is a massively multiplayer online role playing game--an MMORPG for you web savvy folks out there.


In the SGX universe you may play as a member of one of 14 different factions, all vying for control of the galaxy.


You may choose to be a peaceful and mysterious Nox, a warlike Goa'uld, a devious Tok'ra, an advanced Asgard, a secretive Tollan, or be a rebel and join the Jaffa Rebellion.


Start your adventure by registering with the SGX database, then join the forums, the place where all the real action happens.





New Website


Posted on: 16.12.02

By: Anubis


Well, I finally did it.  I made the splash screen, this index page, and I'm working on converting the ship rules to the site format.  We've now got a nifty little logo, courtesy of my Paint Shop Pro skills, which are improving drastically.


Unfortunatly, we don't have a news script yet, so any sim-masters who want to post news have to send it to me.



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