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Yay! I got off my ass and updated the site some!  A new chat applet has been added, and i think its far superior to the old one.  Its set to open in a popup when you first visit the site, so don't be surprised when it opens up on you and your not expecting it.  Its not an add, and it will only open once per browser session.  So if you close it, you'll have to close your browser window and open the site in a new one.  I've registered the channel and I'll be assigning user levels to those that need them after they register their nicks.

I've also added the Fan Fictions and Downloads pages.  As of now, I don't have any Fics up, and I only have one download, but I hope change that soon.


I've completely redesigned the site.  New colors, new banners, a new message board.  Just about every little toy you can think of.


This is the first site update in ages!  But I'm back and so is the site.  I expect to be adding two new JA fan fics from Mands and Part II of my Rogue Squadron series.

In other news, I've been removed as Head of JA Intelligence (an oxymoron, JA Intelligence?  My former counterpart in RS seems to think so) and been moved to Delta Wing (JA3).



The Fan Fictions page is now up.  No Fics are up at the current time, but I will be adding them soon.


Mands has submitted two fan fics to me and I will have them up shortly.  Also, I plan to put Part II of my Rogue Squadron series up as soon as I can get it typed.


The fan fic page is up.  I have added two of my Rogue Squadron series fics, and a fic that is a humorous twist on "Goldilocks and the Three Bears."  Many thanks to Deja for being the first person to submit a fic.  That makes a grand total of four fics!


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